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Cordless Power Tools

Includes 14.4V Li-Ion Cordless Impact Driver Drill.

» MT080E Cordless Impact Driver Drill

Grinding and Sanding Power Tools
Grinding / Sanding

Includes Angle Grinders, Belt Sanders, Orbital and Random Sanders.

» MT962 Angle Grinder

» MT957 Angle Grinder

» MT903 Angle Grinder

» MT940 Belt Sander

» MT920 Orbital Sander

» MT924 Orbital Sander

» MT923 Finishing Sander

Sawing Power Tools

Includes Circular Saws, Cut-Off Saws, Compound Mitre Saws, Jig Saws and Recipro Saws.

» MT582 Circular Saw

» MT242 Cut-Off Saw

» MT230 Compound Mitre Saw

» MT431 Jig Saw

» MT430 Jig Saw

» MT450TK Recipro Saw

Planing and Routering Power Tools
Planing / Routering

Includes Planers, Routers and Trimmers.

» MT191 Planer

» MT111 Planer

» MT361 Router

» MT360 Router

» MT372 Trimmer

Rotary Hammer Power Tools
Rotary Hammers

Includes 2-Operation Mode 13mm Rotary Hammer - 710W.

» MT870 Rotary Hammer

Diamond Power Tools
Diamond Tools

Includes 125mm Diamond Cutter - 1,250W.

» MT412 Diamond Cutter

Blowing Power Tools

Includes variable speed blower - 530W.

» MT401 Blower

Mixing Power Tools
Paint Mixer

Includes variable speed by trigger- 800W.

» MT660 Mixer

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