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MAKTEC - Simple Solid Power

When the Makita research and development team was asked to create a range of power-tools good enough to carry the Makita name, with fewer parts, yet retain exceptional functionality, their answer was Maktec Industrial Power Tools.

The production cost was reduced substantially without any productive performance loss in the new tool.

Designed, Manufactured and Quality controlled 100% by Makita.

Suberb reliability and unyielding strength under the toughest conditions. Power and reliability for a bargain!



Rutherford is the sole importer and distributor of Maktec Power Tools. In the early 60's Rutherford became one of 3 importers of the Makita power tool brand in South Africa. Rutherford was established in 1912 as an engineering supply company and became involved in power tools, and woodworking machinery in the mid forties. In 2012 Rutherford celebrated its CENTENARY, a momentous occasion which was celebrated accordingly!

Since 1985, when Rutherford was appointed as the sole distributor of Makita, Makita power tool sales have increased, and today Makita is one of the brand leaders in the Southern Africa region. The reputation of high quality, new technology, durability and service back-up are major reasons for its success.

Other activities at Rutherford include: Sole importer and distributor of Mercury and Mariner outboard boat motors, sole importer and distributor of Topcon and Troxler, sophisticated instrumentation for the construction, land surveying and mining industries. The company also distributes FTS rivets throughout SA. Rutherford is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hudaco and has three fully equipped branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.